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In Vino Veritably

This week Melissa Elsmo, Oak Park Eats Editor of the Wednesday Journal, featured a piece on my new wine tasting business. They say community is everything so I'm abundantly grateful for the support of my local community in my second career. Over the span of a couple of phone calls, Mel and I discussed my desire to help people identify what they like about wines and how to empower them at the store or while perusing a wine list at a restaurant. In true journalistic fashion, she quoted me saying, "Broadly declaring you dislike all wines of a certain type is like saying you don't like the United States, but you've only ever been to Arkansas". This derived from my pre-realization about Chardonnays and my discovery to enjoying unoaked styles of the wine. Again, I'm honored and truly grateful for the support and I'm sure my 1st grader is telling his class about my article as we speak.

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Photo by Alex Rogals

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