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Backyards and bottles are opening across the country

We've all had quite the ride the past ~15 months but the good news is, this Spring feels a tad more "normal" as more live events are happening whether that be sports, concerts, block parties and my favorite, the longed for backyard gatherings with friends and family. Let's face it, we're all zoomed out and while it sufficed for when we had no other choice, we're all indulging in hugs and people in 3 dimensions again, thankfully.

They say times will turn similar to the roaring twenties and I'm no doubt on board with that so I've suggested to those who are comfortable to host an in-person wine tasting and it's been the best bucket-filler. Let me tell you, people are ready to socialize again and want to treat their undernourished friendships to something fun and unique because why not? Some have admitted to having a tad of social anxiety so they wanted to have a focus on something else other than straight up group conversation. Have no fear, by the second wine everyone is just fine, once again.

I've always been a fan of a theme party so I created some fun themes such as Tour de France, Women in Wine and Micro-producers and they've been as much fun as educational. And now that we are comfy sharing food again, the pairings with the themes have been chef-like status well because, we've been cooking night and day for the past 15 months! Anyway, who says nothing good comes out of things? Welcome back everyone, now let's drink some wine!

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