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Wine Tasting Themes

All tastings will begin with a glass of Sparkling Wine as guests trickle in and socialize.


Depending on the size of your group and layout of the space, I will direct you to which would be the best format as far as interaction, learning and fun! We'll work together to fully customize your event. Remember, I'm not associated with any company, brand or winery so I'm 100% non-bias.

I require 50% at time of booking, the other half the day of the event with a full refund up until a week before your date (minus the cost of wine but it's yours to keep). I bring the wine properly chilled and tasting mats for guests to take notes and can provide glasses but for an additional cost, if needed.

Heading 3

4 Bottle Tastings

Side by Side 6 Bottle Tastings

Guess the Grape Blind Tasting

Have you ever wondered how the pros call out wines? We’ll sample 4 wines in a blind fashion learning facts about each varietal along with tasting tips on how to identify wines, aromas, flavors...

A sure way to impress your friends at your next dinner party and great for those worldly wine lovers.

Food & Wine Pairings

The ying to the yang. A pairings tasting can be as formal as you can get with a chef and intentional pairings for each course or as informal as the best chips for each wine! We can also make it super interactive and learn to make charcuterie boards as we sip wines and learn the best pairings for each.

Best of Tastings

Dive deep into any region and explore the Best of Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Australia, NZ, Finger Lakes, Oregon - options are endless.


Some of my favorite "Best of" themes include: Best Women in Wine, Best $20 bottles, Best Small Producers, Best Summer Wines or Best of Costco or Trader Joes!

Old World vs. New World Blind Tasting

Is there a difference between old
world and new world styles? You bet! We’ll blind sample (3) old world wines next to (3) new world wines side by side and learn how to identify each by learning a very simple systematic approach - most become masters by the 2nd set. It’s a great way to uncover which style you prefer during a fun

High/Low Blind Tasting

Does price always indicate quality?
We’ll find out during a blind tasting of (3) $20 vs (3) $50 wines learning the qualifiers of a high & low(er) quality
wine. Sippers are often surprised when they learn they prefer the lower priced wine! It’s a great way to sample new wines both perfect for that weekday wine as well as your dinner party wines.

This or That Blind Tasting

Comparison tastings are the best way to learn hands down. We can explore different styles side by side like oaked vs. unoaked, warm vs. cool climate and vertical tastings of vintage vs. vintage. 

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