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Wine Tasting Themes

Who doesn't love a good theme party? Here are a few theme ideas to help spark ideas for your next wine tasting. Don't worry folks, I have plenty more where this came from, just ask.

Women in Wine

Do you know women only represent 10% of folks in the world of wine? Let's celebrate them by supporting female wine makers and winery owners cause in Beyoncé's words, "who runs the world - GIRLS!"

European Vacation

Dreaming of the day you can return to the old world and taste wine? Grab your passport and let's take a virtual vacation and explore the wines of Europe!

Micro Producers

Supporting small is still a thing and really important when it comes to wine. Feel good about supporting a small business, your body will feel good, too! True story. Most small producers use sustainable practices from the fields to the bottle and it has a big impact on how you feel the next day.

Blinded Tasting Games

Learn skills to decipher the high/low wines during a blind tasting or lets see if you can call old/new world wines. The themes are endless and this is a great way to keep the interaction at a high while learning.

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