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Wine Tasting Themes

Who doesn't love a good theme party? Here are a few theme ideas to help spark ideas for your next wine tasting. Don't worry folks, I have plenty more where this came from, just ask.

Women in Wine

Do you know women only account for 15% of the industry? Let's celebrate them by supporting female wine makers and winery owners cause in Beyoncé's words, "who runs the world - GIRLS!"

Food & Wine Pairings

The ying to the yang. A pairings tasting can be as formal as you can get with a chef and intentional pairings for each course or as informal as the best chips for each wine! We can also make it super interactive and learn to make charcuterie boards as we sip wines and learn the best pairings for each.

Guess the Grape

Ever wonder how somm's guess the grape during blind tastings? It's a great way to learn about a wine's origin, climate, characteristics and notes. When you aren't seeing the label, you learn a lot!

Comparison Tasting Games

Learn skills to decipher the difference between high/low priced wines during a blind tasting to see if quality truly matches the price tag. Or let's see if you can call old/new world wines using an easy systematic approach. The themes are endless and this is a great way to keep the interaction at a high while learning and a great way to impress your friends.

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