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Wine Tasting


From sommelier led corporate events to private clubs and in-home wine tastings in the Chicago area, I’ll curate an informative and approachable wine tasting for your group.

I am fully independent from any company or brand allowing me to personalize your wines to your style and preferences without any limitations or intentions such as to sell wine, I don't sell wine, I just help others learn about it.


As a WSET Level 3 (with Merit) educated sommelier, I take my wine seriously, but always pair it with FUN. I offer traditional in-person tastings in the Chicagoland area or virtual tastings, too!

Cellar Management


Let me do the heavy lifting and get your cellar in order so you can pull the perfect bottle and never miss a wine’s peak with proper cellar management because an organized cellar is a sure sign of a serious collector. 

Working through your cellar, I will inventory and catalogue your wine using one of several methods that is right for your lifestyle and collection size whether it be a cutting-edge app or a more traditional method. Together we will determine how often I reconcile your cellar of consumed bottles and wine purchases. 

As a sommelier, I can identify gaps in your cellar and make recommendations based on your style and even source the wine for you.


Contact me for a free consultation for cellar management in the Chicago area!

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Focus on the pours, not the planning. Through my custom wine trip itineraries, I plan unique off-the-beaten path experiences, commercial tastings (with added value), accommodations and regional activities to create a wine trip experience like no other.

I’m well (wine) traveled — having been to many domestic and international wine regions. Pairing this with my vineyard connections, your wine trip is sure to be both one-of-a-kind and memorable.


Give me your wine style and vibe you're looking for and I’ll plan a trip worthy of a vineyard VIP.

Wine Trip


For independent restaurant owners, we are available to consult with you to create a wine by the glass and bottle list that will pair with your cuisine perfectly. We are adaptable and responsive to changing trends and tastes staying informed about emerging wineries, new vintages, and evolving consumer preferences, ensuring that the wine list remains dynamic and relevant over time giving you more time to focus on other elements of your business.

For individuals, we offer a personalized service to assist you in various aspects of wine selection, purchasing, and enjoyment.


We can help you build or refine your wine collections to providing recommendations for specific occasions or preferences. Having extensive knowledge about different types of wines, regions, vintages, and food pairings, allows us to offer tailored advice to you and your wine style.


Overall, as a wine concierge service, we aim to enhance the wine-buying and wine-enjoying experience for individuals who may not have the time, expertise, or resources to navigate the world of wine on their own.

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