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All too often when visiting independent restaurants the wine list full of mass produced wines that don't reflect their menu, season or values and choose not to order wines based on that. Independent restaurant owners should support independent wineries and through that you will dazzle your diners and entice them to dine with you directly impacting your bottom line. 

We will craft the perfect wine list (by the glass & bottle) for your restaurant blending expertise, creativity and a deep understanding of both the culinary and oenological worlds.

Consider us artists in terms of creativity, crafting a narrative through the wine list that enhances the dining experience. We may design unique and off-the-beaten-path selections to intrigue adventurous palates, while also ensuring there are familiar favorites for those who prefer tried-and-true classics.

We are adaptable and responsive to changing trends and tastes staying informed about emerging wineries, new vintages, and evolving consumer preferences, ensuring that the wine list remains dynamic and relevant over time giving you more time to focus on other elements of your business.


Let us be your trusted advisors and resource for seeking guidance and assistance in all aspects of the wine world, from selection and purchasing to education and experiences. Our goal is to enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of wine through our personalized service and expertise to help you navigate the tremendous world of wine. We focus on small-production wineries who use sustainable and low-intervention practices.


First, we'll have an initial consultation where we will learn your Wine Style Profile uncovering your likes and dislikes for all things wine and what goals you have. Need a value wine for a big event like a wedding or graduation party? Or are you looking to build your wine cellar for both short-term and long-term cellaring? All of these factors are taken into consideration and from that we will output your personalized Wine Style Profile so you will be empowered when ordering wine from a menu or choosing a wine at your wine shop.



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