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Complex, not too sweet, great legs.

Are we talking about personal traits or wine? Since I'm hitting year 4 in my business, SJDW, for 2024 I've decided to change up my tasting format in a way that will help individuals identify their own unique style profile. This means deeper dives using a very particular systematic approach so you'll be able to articulate exactly what you like/dislike in a wine. That will create a straight line getting you what you want faster and saved expenses. You all have been so seasoned, you were ready to level up anyway.


This won't change up my selections of small production, sustainably-minded wines because I still remain non-bias in that I have no association with any wine company, store or brand. This opens up the world of wine giving you the ability to fully customize your tasting but always offer some inspo for themes.


Thanks for being the greatest supporters and having such an enthusiasm for wine thus keeping me working. Drink Wine with Jane!


Your friend in wine,


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