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High Quality doesn't mean High Prices.

I’m a huge supporter of small production, independently owned wineries because it’s about quality over quantity, period. People are always surprised to learn you don’t have to spend more than the mass produced grocery store wines to get a high value, quality, low intervention, sustainably-made wine.

I like to think about it in a way everyone can relate, FOOD! Chicken Parm at Olive Garden is $19.49. Chicken Parm at 3 local independently-owned restaurants (Donny Gs, Delucianos & Jimmy’s Place) within 3 miles of that Olive Garden offer Chicken Parm ranging from $16.99-$23.99.

Let’s think about that in terms of value & experience. OG uses frozen breaded chicken, the rest use fresh, hand bread ones, probably make their own sauce, too. What do you think tastes better? Who uses better ingredients? How will all of that make you feel?

What’s the staff’s experience? Someone pointing to the tablet for you to order or someone who’s an expert with the menu who actually cares and can guide you? Problem? No problem, it’s likely the owner is there wearing all the hats assuring their customers are having a great experience because this is their livelihood.

If you had guests come in from out of town, which experience would you bring them to? They’ve been to an Olive Garden, delight them with something new & interesting so why not do that with wine?

Wineries and restaurants share a lot of the same parallels so I hope this opened your eyes as to why I choose smaller production wineries as well as independent restaurants. So don’t bring a Meomi, spend the same amount and bring something that is thoughtfully made that most probably haven’t had that will make you feel better and I guarantee tastes 1000x better. Plus, you’re giving your dollar straight to the people who tend to the vineyards, the person handling orders, the winemaking team and not just a corporate entity.

Friends, I am ALWAYS happy to help lead you to a better comparative, send me what you like and I’ll give you recs.


Your friend in wine,


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