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Podcast & Wine Storage Tips

If you didn't have a chance to listen, here is the link to the podcast I did earlier this month for Cook the Story. It was a first for me but Christine is such a wonderful conversationalist, she made it a cinch. I learned folks really love learning wine tips, so I'll leave you with these tips in regards to wine storage, specifically wines with a cork:


  1. Store your wine on its side because the cork needs contact with the wine to keep the cork swollen to create a strong seal otherwise the cork will dry out and oxygen will enter and too much oxygen will ruin the wine.

  2. Wine needs a dark place because natural light will make the wine taste stale and artificial light will bring unpleasant flavors.

  3. Cool, consistent temperature (50-59 F) is critical so storing wine in a kitchen where the temperature fluctuates (and is also usually a bright room) is a bad idea because it may cause your wine to age prematurely.

  4. Wine needs to remain settled so rest your wine in a place without any vibration otherwise your wine's composition may be altered.

  5. If a wine fridge, basement or climate controlled wine cellar isn't an option, try putting your wine on its side on a rack in the bottom of a closet where it is dark and has a cool & constant temperature.   


Thank you for your continued support and letting me be your friend in wine.



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