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Stinky Stemware?

Have you ever had a wine glass that smelled like a wet dog, dank or even fishy? Yup, it happens likely because it’s been washed in the dishwasher and the filter needs to be cleaned out. Food particles are circulated during the wash cycle and then adhering to the glass during the drying cycle. Then when it hits warm, fresh air/humidity the bacteria breeds and that’s what’s causing the odor. Yuck.

To avoid this - hand wash, clean out your filter and don’t use a rinse aid because it coats the glass helping the particles adhere to the glass.

So sniff your glass before you pour otherwise you’ll have to dump your wine. If it’s stinky, roll the wine in your glass coating the glass and then pour it out. This usually works. If not, dump, wash and re pour.

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